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The EV 110

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The most efficient vehicle in the world

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Excitement in Engineering

Our Commuter is a three wheel electric vehicle with two wheels in the front and one in the back. It is the consensus way to build a three-wheeler as evidenced by the early Morgan's to the current Can-Am and Polaris Slingshot three wheel vehicles. Having three wheels reduces the rolling resistance and weight to get the maximum distance from a given amount of energy. Also, the government classifies three-wheelers as motorcycles (which have fewer regulations) making it more practical for a startup to produce and sell new vehicles. Inside, our electric vehicle is just like a car. It has a steering wheel and pedals with side-by side seating. There is plenty of headroom, legroom, and you can see out in all directions. Plus, there is storage for everything from groceries to golf clubs. For safety, it has a steel tubular space frame that encapsulates the occupant cell for race car type safety. With the standard Lithium battery pack our electric vehicles will go about 100 miles per charge. The range can be doubled with a deluxe battery pack. The battery packs can be recharged from a standard 110 outlet thus the name "EV110." However it will charge at 220 volts too. While everyone else is making more complex vehicles we are keeping everything simple so there are fewer things to go wrong. Our drive systems, for example, have only a few moving parts. At the end of our electric vehicle's useful life we want it to have taken the driver down the road further for less money than any other enclosed electric vehicle when considering initial costs, charging costs, the cost of regular maintenance and repairs...and doing it with the least harm to the environment.

100 to 200
Miles per Charge

Interstate Capable
65+ mph

Efficient Electric Vehicles

Zero Tail Pipe Emissions

Fun, Safe, Simple
and Affordable

110 or 220 charging


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